Friday, January 9, 2015

All dressed up and no place to go

Today was not the first day back for their homeschool co-op classes.

Apparently, that's next week.

Today was simply the day I thought was the first day back. But once we realized we were the only ones who had shown up for classes, I quickly saw the error of my ways.

We couldn't go home. That would have been tragic. Our lunches were packed, we were dressed for the day, and going home would have been the ultimate betrayal after the fun day I had told them they had to look forward to.

So we did the next logical thing.

We went somewhere else.

While the kids debated whether we should fly to Australia or ride our bikes to Mexico, I pointed the van downtown and landed us at the natural history museum. (Thanks for the membership, Mimi and Papa!)

The kids had a blast, and forgot all about this morning's mix-up.

Oh, and we got to each lunch underneath some giant dinosaurs. So I'm pretty sure the kids were okay with the adjustments.

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