Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Painting projects

Despite the dramatic fall of our fully decorated tree in the Great Tree Collapse of 2014, few ornaments were lost. Unfortunately, the ones that were destroyed were among my favorites--glass balls with tiny little fingerprint snowmen showing just how small my children's hands were last Christmas. They made them for me at Bible study last year, and they were some of the few ornaments that I really loved. 

So I wised up, and instead of recreating the same breakable ornaments, we imprinted the kids' slightly-larger hands on something a little more durable this year. And as we add more hand prints to our tree skirt each year, I can cry a little to myself about just how quickly they're growing up. 

Levi can't stand to miss out on anything, so he insisted he be allowed to paint as well. And since I was on a roll with the good decision making, I gave him some construction paper, a paintbrush, and a bowl of water, and told him to have fun.

Which was smart, since the next thing I heard was, "Look Mommy, I painting my stinky feet!"

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