Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas!

This was our best Christmas, by far.

It wasn't the frenzied morning of chaos and flying wrapping paper I had expected. It was calm, for the most part. It was peaceful. It was focused.

We killed Santa last year, quite by accident, but I've enjoyed his demise. The kids don't seem to miss him in the least, and in fact have had quite a fun time playing along when adults asked them what Santa's bringing this year. They've answered enthusiastically, then given me that knowing look, as if we're in on some secret that the rest of the world doesn't know yet. It's adorable, really.

They've demanded and had some pretty heated discussions about taking turns replacing colorful ornaments with sparkling stars on our makeshift advent calendar as we've counted down to Jesus' birthday. Levi had the honor of hanging up the gold Jesus star this morning, and the excitement on all four little faces was priceless.

They knew what that final star meant. It meant Christmas had arrived. It meant birthday cake with all the sprinkles and family and friends and a day-long celebration and, yes, presents.

And that's just what we did.
Jacob had quite forgotten what was in each of the little presents he's been wrapping and stashing under the tree for the past few weeks, and was genuinely excited and surprised to open each one.

It was actually impossible to tell if Abby was more excited about the astronaut and Elsa costumes she received, or the handmade gifts that she gave. The ear-to-ear grin she wore as Justin and I unwrapped the hats she knitted for us makes me think it was perhaps the latter.

Caleb took over sprinkle duty this year for our traditional Happy Birthday Jesus cake, and spent most of Christmas day asking when we were going to eat it. When he wasn't grazing in the kitchen, he was running around in his new hammerhead shark costume or asking when we would open more presents. Five is a fun age to celebrate Christmas, and Caleb pulled it off really well this year.

And Levi was classic Levi all day. He was adorable, and enthusiastic, and willing to go along with whatever happened to come next, whether it was presents or visitors or naps or dinner. His favorite part of the day may have been when our babysitters stopped by with their family and played with him for a while.

Or maybe his favorite part was the nap he tried to take when the excitement got to be too much for him at around 9 a.m. Christmas is exhausting when you're two.

It was a wonderful day, from start to finish. But if you ask Abby, she'll definitely tell you the best part was when these two wiggly teeth finally fell out.
And yes, we've been singing about it nonstop.

Merry Christmas from the Family of Fish!

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