Friday, December 12, 2014

If you're happy and you know it...

The total recklessness with which she dances is perhaps my favorite part of Abby's ballet performances.

I say reckless, because she doesn't let things like What Move Comes Next or Where She's Supposed to Be Standing get in the way of her fun.

No, she just enjoys the music and the sparkles and the applause and the fun with her friends backstage, and the stress of a packed house and an encore performance are the furthest things from her mind.

The first night of the Christmas recital was a little mediocre, to put it kindly. The girls were a little off, and someone didn't quite hit her mark, requiring Abby to give her tutu a little tug in the middle of the song to get her line back in order.

I met her backstage and told her she looked fantastic up there. And I meant it. She is beautiful when she dances, and I never get tired of these shows.

"That was so fun, Mommy!" she squealed with excitement. "And I get to do it again tomorrow!"

The next night was a little more relaxed. And by a little, I mean Abby was so in her element on stage that when she spotted us in the audience as they were exiting she stopped in her tracks, jumped up and down five or six times and threw her hand high above her head to ensure we could see her waving.

And the crowd went wild.

"Is that one yours?" a friend behind me asked.

Oh, yeah. She's mine all right.

It's hard to be poised and dainty when you're having that much fun.

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