Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Handcrafted with love

Handmade gifts are the best.

That's especially true, I'm learning, when the hands that made them are my children's hands.

The kids have made everything from origami animals (Abby) to drawings for their siblings and folded or wrapped them up and stuffed them under the tree.

Caleb found a spool of thread, built a box out of his legos, and wrapped the box up for his sister.

"She can use this for her sewing stuff," he explained. "And she can keep the legos if she wants."

And ever since a neighbor taught Abby how to loom knit, she's been hard at work on some winter hats for the family. (My daughter is a little like me when it comes to surprises: she gets so excited about the good ones that she simply can't keep it in. So I've already tried on my cute little pink knitted hat, and I can't wait to unwrap it on Christmas morning.)

Levi has mostly been asking Abby to write names on scraps of paper, balling them up, and throwing them down the stairs at the tree.

Jacob has been wrapping presents almost exclusively for himself and his stuffed puppy, Tess. He's found books and small toys around the house and covered them in tape and paper, then written either his name or Tess's on them before shoving them under the tree.

In addition to the gifts, there are more cards and drawings under (or in) our tree this year than their ever have been in the past.

These kids can be really sweet when they want to be.

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