Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Very local library

"Mommy," the eldest yelled in unison from Caleb's room, "the library's open!"

I had no plans to go to the library today, so I went upstairs to tell them we weren't going anywhere, and that they needed to stop yelling.

I was halted at the door.

"Here's your card," Abby said, handing me a block. Caleb squeezed around me and handed one each to Jacob and Levi, who had fallen in line behind me.

I was escorted into Caleb's room and given the rundown.

"Welcome to our library," Abby said with an air of authority. " It doesn't have a name yet, because we can't agree on one, and Caleb wants to call it Caleb's shark library, and I told him that's not a good name."

Well, now that I had a little background, at least I knew what I was getting into. I asked what I should check out.

"Okay,"said Caleb, rising to the occasion. "These are stories that really happened..."

"Non-fiction," Abby interjected.

"These are stories about birds and mammals," Caleb went on. "And these are stories about amphibians and fish."

"These are alphabet books for learning," Abby continued. "This is the fiction section, and these are history and science books. The magazines are on the end."

I was told I could chose two, and instructed to return them in 48 hours or they would take money out of my piggy bank.

I think they have this library thing pretty well figured out.

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