Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The lion sleeps tonight

One trip to the store for bedding and a quick stop at Home Depot for supplies to make Levi's new bed "two-boys-in-a-room-together"-proof, and we were all set.

In the end, Levi opted for truck sheets to match his roommate, but only because they don't sell lion sheets anywhere.

Oh, and he calls them "truck sheeps," not sheets, which is really just too adorable to correct.

"Tuck me in my truck sheeps?" he asked. Why sure, cutie pie. Whatever you say.

He took to his new bed like a champ, and hasn't quite figured out that he can get out of bed in the morning by himself like Jacob does (when their bunny clock tells them it's time to get up, of course, and not a moment sooner). He still waits for us to come in, and is sitting at the end of his bed, blankies and stuffed lions tucked under his arm, asking "Get me up, please?"

He has Tess Lion (the lion that he has had since he was a baby that he named after Jacob's Tess Puppy), Lion blankie (which he no longer calls "nay-nay," much to my dismay), blue blankie, and his newest addition, Roardie (the stuffed lion his nurse got for him in the hospital) to keep him company at bedtime. Roardie got his name when Jennifer, his first PICU nurse, showed Levi a picture of her lion-loving son with all of his stuffed "Roardies." Levi's been calling his new lion "Roardie" ever since.

With an entourage like that, it's no wonder the kid gets a good night's sleep.

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