Monday, September 15, 2014

Sentimental journey

Today, we bid a final farewell to this crib.

All of them have challenged the integrity of its construction.

Only one of them broke his arm trying to escape from it,

But each of them has found a creative way to get out of it. Abby liked to walk across the front like a gymnast on a balance beam. Caleb took a more Superman-style approach, launching himself across the room and landing himself in a cast. Jacob was stealthy, creeping over the side and dropping silently to the floor without detection.

Levi's escapes began earlier than the rest (leading to an adjustment that left his mattress directly on the floor inside the crib) and were a combination of all three; his best work was done when he convinced Jacob to lift the crib up, allowing him to slip underneath the bars.

But Levi's escapes had become more and more frequent, and the interest in a big boy bed seemed to have piqued, so we decided it was time.

First, we had to disassemble the crib that has been a permanent fixture in our home for what seems like forever. I may have cried a little (okay, a lot) when the demolition started. It's been nearly seven years to the day since we arrived in Virginia with a three week old and tucked her into this crib for the first time. It's traveled more than 1200 miles to three different houses, and has never suffered a lapse in use between babies. Save for vacations and overnights with grandparents, this one piece of furniture has been utilized almost daily for seven straight years.

There's more than just a little sentimental value in this most beloved piece of furniture in my home.

An era has ended.

This mom thing is hard.

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