Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Almost there...

Levi's smiling because he has a grape lollipop.

I'm smiling because we scored that grape lollipop on our way out of the hand surgeon's office for the very last time.

The scar tissue on his "snake finger" is healing well, and the doctor seemed pretty confident that there is absolutely no reason to expect we will need anything more than a little ongoing scar therapy to promote continued healing.

I'm pretty excited to think that after today we're likely only one more visit to the hematologist away from putting this whole thing completely behind us.

Although I think Levi is probably going to miss the big male nurse that looked like he works as a bouncer in his spare time.

"Take care, Snakebite," he said, crouching down to give my 2-year-old a fist bump and a lollipop when we checked out. "You stay safe, ya hear?"

That's the plan, big guy. That's the plan.

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