Monday, August 25, 2014

What we know

There's only so much you can do to keep a 2-year-old safely occupied during this many doctor's visits.

When this is all over, we might publish our findings so other parents can reap the benefits of our experience. Stuffing blankie in a surgical glove, chair spin contests, and painting your body with chapstick are just a few of our great ideas. There's plenty more where that came from.

What we've learned today (besides where all the best spots in the hospital parking deck are located) is that things are looking up for our little snake charmer.

The results of Levi's follow up blood testing are in, and it appears he has no underlying blood disorder contributing to his improper clotting issues. This is the result we suspected we'd get, but we're breathing a sigh of relief to have it confirmed. We will follow up with additional blood work in a few weeks to monitor the clotting factors in his blood and, hopefully, see some improvement in his numbers.

The bite wound on his finger is healing, and he's regaining a lot of mobility in the affected finger. We went back to the hand surgeon today and Levi has started on a pretty heavy duty antibiotic to stave off what appears to be the beginnings of an infection at the wound site. Overall, the wound looks better, and for that we are grateful!

So now we wait, and we continue to pray. We wait for complete healing, we wait for full resolution of the clotting issues, and we wait to get back to a normal that doesn't include so many car rides back and forth to see different specialists.

And as we pray for these things, we remember those of you who are praying alongside us. Thank you doesn't begin to say it. But we are so, so thankful for your prayers!

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