Friday, August 15, 2014

Snake charmer

While the kids have been busy with all their snake-related art projects, I've been processing this whole situation a little differently.

Everybody deals with stuff their own way. We like to commemorate tragic events with t-shirts. Admit it: if you had an excuse to wear a Snake Charmer shirt, you totally would.

This week, like the last, has been a blur. Nearly daily doctor's visits and trips back to the hospital for follow-up appointments have kept us on the go. We continue to covet the prayers of God's people and the meals they've been bringing. Both have held us together this week.

What we're learning from all these different specialists is that no one actually specializes in snake bite wound care. Save for the wisdom and professional expertise of a dear friend, we'd be at a loss as to how to care for Levi's hand and finger. Mostly what we've heard from medical professionals this week is "Hang on...I'm going to go find someone else to take a look at that."

The wound did have to be debrided yesterday, which we had hoped would not have to happen. That traumatic process involved a skilled professional removing dead tissue from my son's finger while reassuring him with the lies "It's okay. You're doing great. We're almost done." He screamed the whole time. He wasn't buying it.

Our follow up with hematology did not yield the results we had hoped for. The clotting factors in Levi's blood are still way off. Numbers that should have come down to the normal range within 72 hours of receiving the antivenom are still at three times the normal level and not significantly changed from where they were when we were discharged over a week ago. The blood clotting specialist we saw today is still hopeful that this is all a factor of the hemotoxins in the snake venom, and is sending Levi's blood off for some additional intensive testing to try to pinpoint what we're dealing with and what, if anything, needs to be done about it.

For now, we're supposed to keep him from contact sports and avoid climbing playground equipment to prevent any significant bleeding injuries that would send us back to the hospital.

Please continue to pray for complete healing from all of this. Pray for Levi's body to continue to fight the effects of the venom and for his blood to return to normal. Pray for proper healing of the bite wound on his hand. Pray for all of us as we try to get back to normal. It's been a rough two weeks, and we're all ready to put this behind us. Pray that day would come soon.

Thank you friends. Thank you for your calls, your prayers, your support and your help. God is continuing to show us His love and care through His people. We would not be able to walk through this valley without you.


  1. I'm so sorry, Christina! Continuing to pray!

  2. Praying for your family and your little guy.