Wednesday, May 7, 2014


"Mommy, will you watch my worms please?" my 3-year-old politely asked. He flashed those big brown eyes at me and I swear they twinkled.

He almost won me over with the dimple and the good manners. But then I remembered I don't like worms. I'll do a lot for my kids, but I have to draw the line somewhere. So I turned down the job offer.

"Well then..." he started, then paused for a second to consider his next move. "Can Rachel and Deena come over and watch my worms while I swing on the swings?"

While I'm certain our favorite babysitters would simply jump at the opportunity to add Wormsitting to their résumés, I had to tell him they were busy.

Just put them somewhere safe, I told him, and go play. You can check on them whenever you want. They'll be fine.

(Note: If I had known that "somewhere safe" to him meant under the couch in the family room, I would have chosen my words more carefully. Next time I'll be more specific.)

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