Tuesday, April 22, 2014

You should see the other guy

Safety is our priority. It has been 4 days since our last accident.

Had we made it to May 20, we could have celebrated one full year injury-free. That doesn't happen often around here. It would have been a big deal. I might have thrown a party.

Our record is 514 days injury free. But we only had one kid back in those days. And Caleb was born a week later. And our safety record has pretty much gone downhill from there.

So instead of a party, we're icing Caleb's face after a game of Tickle Monster gone awry. When a 5-year-old's nose meets the side rail on his sister's bed, the bed wins.

Caleb's embracing his injury like a champ, as usual. Paper cuts and skinned knees can stop him in his tracks, but broken bones and a potentially broken nose leave him unaffected. This kid is tough as nails when it comes to major injuries. Which is good, considering how often we seem to deal with these types of incidents.
A friend asked me once if the children's ER has offered me a frequent shopper's card yet.

Many truths are spoken in jest.

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