Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Snowpocalypse 2014: Southern Edition

In case you missed it, it snowed in our neck of the woods. It was no Virginia Snowpocalypse, but we didn't really feel like shoveling the driveway and raking the roof every few hours anyway, so that was just fine by us.

This was Levi's first real snow storm. (And by storm, I mean 1.5 inches, which was enough to declare a state of emergency and shut down the state. Again.) He loved it. He loved walking in it, he loved sledding in it, he loved picking it up and throwing it down again. He couldn't have cared less that he was wearing his sister's old snow boots and mittens. He was warm, and he was happy. He even thought falling down was hilarious. Which was good, because he did plenty of that.

Caleb was fast and fearless, as always. He went way too fast down the hill in our neighborhood and crashed into mailboxes more times than I can count. Then he trudged back up the hill and did it again. And again. And again. And he couldn't have been happier.

Abby seemed to have long forgotten the endless hours we used to spend out in the frigid weather, sledding and rolling and slipping down hills that were not the least bit age appropriate for her 2 and 3 year old self. She had little patience for the preparation required for rolling around in the snow and ice, and even less patience for the snow that landed in her face from errant snowballs. She was a master sled driver, though, and had tons of fun when I set her loose in the front yard with a spray bottle of pink water to decorate the snow.

And Jacob was, well....Jacob. It was his first real snow to play in, too, and he loved it just as much as Levi. He was cheerful, and eager, and full of seemingly endless amounts of energy. He never got too cold, or too worn out from climbing back up the hill with his sled after a good run. When the rest of the crew crashed at naptime after our morning adventures, he stayed awake, asking repeatedly when he could go back outside. After dinner, he was the first one back out the door, and threw snowballs and ran around on the ice until well after the sun went down.

I never wish for snow around here. It does terrible things to my part of the country. But when it happens, we sure know how to make the most of it. Purple boots and all.

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  1. LOVE, LOVE, OVE all your commentaries... It makes me feel like I am right there!! The kids are soooo cute. Hope to see yal soon.. Love Aunt Judy