Thursday, January 30, 2014

Googly eyes

Abby found my stash of googly eyes in the craft cabinet.

(What? You don't have a stash of googly eyes? You're missing out...)

This picture pretty much sums up the relationship she has with her three-year-old brother.

"Jacob, if you hold still, I'll make you a merry monster," she suggested.

These are my two very strong-willed kids, and it's fun to watch them navigate trying to get one another on board with an idea. This time, Jacob wasn't convinced.

"If you let me put these eyes on you, we can go scare Caleb," she added.

That's right. Lure him with the idea of ganging up on your brother. Nice move, Abby.

Now Jacob was intrigued.

And a little wary.

Maybe next time he'll pitch his idea first.

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