Saturday, January 18, 2014

A story to tell

He has more imagination than all my other kids combined.

From the time he wakes up until he closes his eyes at night, he is imagining, creating, dreaming up adventures.

We know, because there is no filter with this kid. Every thought that passes through his head comes right out of his mouth. He never stops talking. And about 90% of what he says is completely fictional.

He knows this, he assures us, when we remind him time and again that those things never happened, or we never said that, or that sharks can't really talk, or that there are no coyotes in his room.

"I'm just pretending, Mommy."

He will be an author or a screenplay writer or a fabulous teller of bedtime stories one day.

But for today, he is a construction worker shark. Or a shark fireman. Or a real cowboy, like Uncle Matt. Or a pirate. Or Daddy, on his way to work. Or a knight, slaying a dragon with a sword and shield made out of blocks.

But he is rarely ever just Caleb. He has too many stories inside him to simply go around being himself all the time.

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