Thursday, December 5, 2013

Live in concert

The kids performed in their annual CBS Christmas concert, and their antics, as usual, did not disappoint.

Caleb stayed glued to the side of his dear friend Gloria the whole time, and only remembered to sing when someone in the front row reminded him to put his shirt down, stop rubbing his belly, and face the front. Once he got started, he was the loudest kid in the bunch, as usual.

Abby stuck close to her buddy Violet and failed to notice I was in the audience trying to take her picture, so intent was she on following the teacher's cues and not missing a note.

And Jacob, like most of the three year old class, mostly stood around looking confused about why in the world they were standing in front of a room full of smiling moms instead of playing on the playground like they usually do after story time.

And proud mom that I am, I got it all on film.

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