Thursday, November 7, 2013

Happy birthday, Jacob!

I cannot for the life of me figure out how this kid is already three years old.

But he is very, very three. He is loud and messy and funny and full throttle from sun up to sun down.

He is everything a three year old boy should be.

He loves puppies--especially his stuffed puppy, Tess, that he named after his favorite dog across the street. He might be a puppy when he grows up, he tells me. Because he's three, and the sky is the limit.

He wants to do everything for himself. This is problematic, because he's three, and he really can't do everything himself. Yet. But don't tell Jacob that. If his older siblings can do it, he's going to give it a try. And he's very likely going to succeed, because he is just as stubborn and determined as his big sister. His determination is on track to surpass that of his big sister, however, due mostly to the fact that everything Jacob does is done while trying to thwart the efforts of a baby brother who seeks only to destroy. He is learning patience, and he's learning it the hard way.

He is goofy. I mean really, really goofy. He tells jokes, and makes up silly games, and often makes himself laugh so hard that the rest of us can't help but join in. He has a great big personality, and a smile to match it. It's hard not to be happy around him. Especially when he flashes that infamous grin--the one with the great big brown eyes and that adorable dimple. Sheesh...this kid is adorable, and he already knows it. That dimple is going to be big trouble as he gets older.

He is kind. He doesn't like to see anyone sad, and is quick to retrieve a blankie or favorite toy for a sibling in distress, much like his big brother and sister have often done for him. He loves to snuggle, and he hugs in a way that just lets you know how much he loves you. He throws his whole body into his hugs and just melts into you, his head on your shoulder and his arms and legs encircling you so that you couldn't let him go if you wanted to. But really, when you're on the receiving end of a hug like that, letting go is the last thing on your mind.

He loves to be around people, and is happiest when there are lots of people around to play with. Mom and dad are nice, but throw in a bunch of siblings or a Sunday School class full of friends, and this kid is totally in his element. There's no separation anxiety here. He wants to be where the action is, and has no trouble making himself heard in a crowd. He has an uncanny ability to get his brothers and sister to go along with some of his crazy schemes and silly games, and as a family, we're learning a lot about doing the right thing, which is not always necessarily the next most exciting thing Jacob has planned.

He really, really wants to help you. Or play with you. Or just be wherever it is you are, doing whatever it is you do. He's not a huge fan of being by himself, except for those days when he's reached his limit of how many times a sibling can destroy something he's working on before he's had it. And when he gets there, he's quick to take a break from all the chaos and the noise, and will ask if he can simply retreat to his room to play by himself for a bit. (He's like his sister in more ways than I can count.) But it never lasts long before I hear him yelling downstairs for someone to come join him. He loves his siblings. They just drive him nuts sometimes.

He loves to build, and create, and color, and drive anything with wheels. He loves to play in the dirt, and swing and run and crash into things. He's a three year old boy, after all, and he's really, really good at it. He loves gluten free cake pops and being surrounded by family, so that was exactly what he got for his birthday.

Happy birthday to our adventurous, fun-loving Jacob. You keep us on our toes, big guy. And I have a feeling that is just the way you like it.

And I wouldn't change a thing.

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