Friday, October 4, 2013

Strong as an ox

He walked in wearing that sheepish Caleb face I know all too well, hands behind his back, hiding the evidence.

He was ready to confess, and apologize, if only he could articulate what he had done wrong.

I tried to help.

"What happened, bud?"

He held out the remains of Daddy's tape measure for me to see.

"This just came apart while I was measuring," he explained, slightly confused himself at just how that had happened.

"Well, you're really strong, Caleb," I reassured him, trying not to get upset about the one millionth thing he has broken in this house. "You just need to be more careful. What were you measuring?"


I can understand how you break a tape measure trying to figure out how long our back fence is, or how big around that big tulip poplar is. But worms? There truly is nothing this kid can't break.

He's only four, and growing stronger by the day.

It will be a miracle if our house is still standing when he reaches his teens.

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