Saturday, October 5, 2013

Girl stuff

For all her tomboyish tendencies, Abby really does relish the opportunity to do girly stuff now and then.
And it doesn't get much girlier than a baby shower.

So at Nana's urging, I invited the six-year-old along to help us out with Aunt Sarah's baby shower. I may as well have offered her a round trip ride to the moon. She was thrilled to help. She picked out a girly dress, we touched up that girly stripe of pink hair she's sporting, and she set out candy and hors d'oeuvres with meticulous care.

Abby was on her best behavior for the party. She put herself officially in charge of bringing gifts to the mommy-to-be and delighted in the attention she received for the little bag she made for her favorite Aunt.

And then, just so I didn't forget that she's really still my goofy little Abby, she spent the entire ride home balancing leftover pita chips on her nose. 

I love this kid.

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