Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Seven years running

September 2013
Abby (6), Levi (13 months), Caleb (4), Jacob (2)
We headed out the door to kick off our seventh year of Community Bible Study this morning. I broke a sweat getting them dressed, getting lunches packed and getting out the door on time, but we made it, and that's what counts. (As a side note, we're sticking with velcro shoes only. I still really need for them to learn to tie their own shoes.)

And yes, I continue to bribe them with marshmallows so that I can continue to get this picture every year. One day they'll thank me.

Abby's in the 1st grade class this year and is bringing home "actual homework, that I actually have to do at home."

Caleb is in a combined pre-k/kindergarten class, without homework, but with his friend Gloria from our homeschool co-op. This is a big deal, since he and Gloria are pretty big fans of each other.

Jacob and Levi are both hamming it up in their Little Lambs classes. And if today is any indicator of how the year will go, I think this will be a great one. Both boys ran into their classes with open arms and big hugs for their new teachers, making it that much easier for me to scurry upstairs to my own class.

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