Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Solitary confinement

In her newest effort to keep Levi from interfering with her stuff, Abby has taken to creating "baby traps" around the house.

Since the sound of toys and furniture being dragged across the floor is commonplace around here, it usually takes me a while to figure out that a baby trap has been built.

The traps are carefully thought out, and organized in such a way as to ensure Levi will not only take the bait and go into one, but will stay confined for some period of time.

Typically, Abby's strategy involves getting Levi interested in one particular toy, wherever he happens to be at the moment. Next, she drags all the remaining baby toys (All of them. Every single one of them.) into the designated location for the trap.

Sealing off all but one point of exit, she proceeds to lure Levi into the trap, usually by taking his favorite blanky, and sometimes by making a trail of toys for him to follow. If both those efforts fail, she simply drags him by his armpits to where she wants him to land.

Then quickly, before he realizes he's being ensnared, she seals off that final potential escape route, and exits the trap by leaping over whatever piece of furniture is blocking the way.

I was tempted to ask her to stop when she explained her methodology to me, until I noticed that Levi is perfectly content with these arrangements, and, what's more, he's safe and confined and easy to keep track of inside his tiny prison.

I think she'll make an excellent mom one day.

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