Wednesday, July 17, 2013

She's more fun than I am

We have this great babysitter who shows up and makes my life easier for a few hours a week. She comes bearing puzzles, and patience, and tons of energy.

And on this particular day, she put that energy to use to make cow costumes for my children, so that we could all enjoy free Chick-fil-a. (She earns her keep, I'm telling you.)

Abby was a princess ballerina cow, complete with spotted tights.

Caleb was a shark cowboy, because in his four-year-old mind, that made perfect sense. Never mind that it's the middle of summer and probably over 100 degrees inside that shark costume. He was not going to be dissuaded.

Jacob was appalled at the idea of taping construction paper to his clothing. We managed to stick one spot to his shirt, but only by promising him ice cream.

And Levi mostly wanted to eat his spots, but we got a few to stick long enough to earn him a kids meal.

They're going to be really sad when Rachel goes off to college.

Come to think of it, so am I.

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