Monday, July 29, 2013

School's in!

School's back in session.

Yes, I know it's the end of July. And yes, I know "real schools" don't start for another week and a half.

But I like April better than August, and I'm willing to sacrifice August in order to be done with school in time to enjoy April.

As headmaster of The Fisher Preparatory Academy for Excellence in Learning, I get to make that call.
And lest you worry that my kids are missing out on these final days of summer, remember that we're working with a 2:1 student-teacher ratio. School takes us about 90 minutes a day. That leaves 22.5 hours for playing, eating and sleeping. They're really okay with this.

And just so long as Levi keeps taking that 90 minute morning nap, we should have no problem staying on track to finish up Pre-K and First Grade before those warm spring days make school seem suddenly very unimportant.

Check back with me in April and we'll see how that worked out.

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