Sunday, July 7, 2013

Rain delays

This July 4th was loads better than last year, for a number of reasons. (Even if it didn't happen until July 7. Silly weather. Don't you know it's not supposed to rain on outdoor holidays?)

The first and greatest reason being that this guy was in my arms for the fireworks instead of in my belly.
July 2012
Jacob (18 months old), Abby (4 years old),
Levi (in utero - T minus 6 days to launch)
Holding a squirming baby who's being kept up way past his bedtime beats being pregnant in July any day.
Second, though he began the festivities like he has every year by cowering in the car and insisting he's going to sleep through the fireworks, Caleb eventually worked his way out onto the blanket with the rest of us and bravely enjoyed the bombs bursting in air (with Sharky tucked under his arm, of course).
And lastly, Levi's reaction made all the drama of waking four kids up and driving to an empty parking lot in the dark totally worthwhile. He loved and laughed through every minute of it, including the minutes in between the fireworks when his doting big sister kept him entertained by making faces at him and spinning him around a little more enthusiastically than she should.

And thanks to the rain forcing everyone to reschedule their July Fourth events, we may have a few more of these late night outings to look forward to.

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