Wednesday, July 3, 2013

If you want something done...

A month and a half into summer vacation, Abby had finally had enough.

"Mommy," she argued vehemently, "you need to change the calendar. It's not May anymore. It hasn't been May for a long time!"

True. But I'm on summer break too, and changing the calendar was kind of a school activity. Ever since we finished up kindergarten in May, I really haven't cared what day it is. Or what month it is, for that matter.

If you want the calendar updated, I told her, you'll have to do it yourself. I'm not touching that bulletin board until school starts again.

I left her to ponder that conundrum and went off to do more important things, like make ice cream or blow up the kiddie pool.

When I returned, I found my determined little firstborn meticulously removing all the numbers from the calendar and moving them to their appropriate locations.

Problem solved, I thought. Now we can get back to doing summer.

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