Monday, July 8, 2013

Guaranteed pick-me-up

Seriously, what's not to love about this kid?

I think I need to make Caleb a t-shirt with this picture on it and make him wear it around on days when his 4-year-old boyness is driving me batty. Because, for the most part, no one does good moods and goofiness and optimism like Caleb. And, let's face it...during those moments when his best personality traits aren't shining through as clearly as I'd like, I could use a little reminder that deep down, he's a great kid. 

I'll just pull out my picture of Caleb giving me two thumbs up, and I'll remember that things are never as bad as they seem. 

Even when he draws sharks on the carpet in a color Crayola calls Screamin' Green that makes me want to do just that, and even when he was only trying to open the closet door and manages to pull it off its hinges with that superhuman strength of his, and even when he gives Sharky a biweekly bath in the potty and doesn't tell me until over a month has passed and I ask what that smell is...

Even then, he's a great kid. He's enthusiastic, cheerful, kind, stronger than an ox, polite, compassionate, a little whiny at times, but just as sweet as can be.

He's the one who holds on little longer for those hugs good night to make sure he has time to tell me he loves me so much. 

The awesome moments make the less-than-awesome moments a little more bearable. 

And Caleb's two-thumbs-up cheese face is a pretty awesome moment.

I'll likely never accuse him of being our easiest child. But I just can't help but smile at this guy. 

I'm pretty sure I'm his biggest fan.

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