Sunday, June 16, 2013

Training for the future

Caleb likes to talk.

A lot.

Mostly about what he's going to do in a minute, or in ten years. Or about what Sharky had for lunch. Or about some trip he and Sharky took in his imagination. 

Most recently, he's found it necessary to remind me over and over again that he's going to be a scuba diver when he gets bigger. (He needs his back to get bigger, he says, so that the tanks will fit him.)

Scuba diving is not the goal, of course. Swimming with sharks is the goal. Scuba diving is the means to an end. 

Training for his future in shark diving began today at the neighborhood pool. 

So that brings our lofty goal tally to one astronaut ballerina and one scuba diving ichthyologist. (That's a zoologist who specializes in fish, in case you wondered.) Jacob, with his limited command of the English language, has communicated only that he may or may not want to be a puppy when he grows up. And Levi has yet to declare a major. 

We might want to start thinking about beefing up those college funds soon.

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