Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Eating out

You know all those moms who show up at Chick-fil-A in skirts and sundresses with one or two children and sit chatting or enjoying a calm meal while their kids play nicely on the playground?

I'm pretty sure we ruined their nice quiet dinner.

Abby was more than willing to give a boost to the toddlers who weren't quite tall enough so they could climb all the way to the top of the slide while Caleb reassured their moms, "It's okay, she's my sister."

Moments later, some big kid called Caleb a name and made him pretty upset. Jacob got in between his brother and the bully and shouted, "Stop yellin' at my Cay-wub!" in his loudest and most intimidating voice.

That might be the last time that nine year old messes with kids less than half his age.

Happy dining!

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