Friday, May 24, 2013

Up, up and away

Levi, 10 months old                             Jacob, 9 months old
May 2013                                             August 2011
I give up. They're not listening, and if they are, then they must not care.

I've tried asking nicely. I've tried pleading, bribing, and coercing.

But they just won't stop.

They insist on growing up. All of them.

They insist on hitting these silly little milestones--sitting, standing, crawling--and flashing that big proud grin at me every time.

I remember when Jacob did it. (I'm pretty sure that was yesterday.) I tried to explain to him at the time that standing would only lead to walking, and walking would only lead to running, and running would only lead to not needing Mommy to hold his hand at the park anymore.

And now Levi's following down that same dangerous path. And soon I'll blink, and my littlest will be waving at me from the top of the slide, just like the rest of them.

Silly kids. Stay little for a while longer, please.

Pretty please?

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