Saturday, March 16, 2013

Soccer mom

In the first soccer game of his life, Caleb steadfastly followed the only two rules he had been given:

  1. Do not lay down on the field.
  2. Do not touch the ball with your hands.

Any activity that expends this much energy and only has two rules is bound to be a hit with our energetic little guy. And this most certainly was. Caleb had a blast, and didn't even notice that it was a resounding loss for the Green Ninjas. (I'm fairly certain that their opponents were all at least six inches taller than Caleb and his teammates, so we kind of all saw it coming.)

But in my book, Caleb certainly brought home the award for Cutest 4-year-old Soccer Player Ever.

And while I'm handing out awards, the Cutest Cheering Section goes to these adorable children:

And the Cutest Fan award will have to go to this guy:

And the Cutest Moment of the Game was this one, when Jacob darted onto the field to join his brother in the postgame prayer circle:
I think soccer season is going to be a good season of life for our family.

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