Monday, March 25, 2013

Problem solving

As is the case with most minor household tragedies, this one caught my ears before it caught my eyes.

There was a whimper (apparently Levi had eaten his last puff), a grunt (while Jacob strained to reach the container on the table), a cacophonous shaking and a frenzied cackling, and the sweet, irresistible belly laugh of a wildly entertained baby.

"What's going on?" I called into the dining room, just moments before I rounded the corner and saw the answer.

"Levi eat all his puffs," Jacob explained, much more calmly than the scene would suggest. "I give Levi more puffs. Levi laugh!"

For the record, there are almost 500 puffs in one of those little containers. And it takes a 2-year-old less than 10 seconds to dump half of them on the floor and on his brother using the flailing-an-open-container-above-the-head method.

These two are going to be trouble. I can already tell.

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