Friday, March 22, 2013

Goers and senders

The cool thing about hanging out with international missionaries is that our kids get a really good idea of what spreading the gospel to all the nations really means. (It's hard to ignore the Great Commission when you've got friends who are doing the Great Commission for a living.) The bad thing about hanging out with international missionaries is there are way too many goodbyes.

And so it was with joy and sadness that we hosted our dear friends for an evening before sending them off to South Asia to do what they do best. And I won't lie when I say there were a few tears shed when we waved goodbye.
My four crazies lived it up with little Lydia and baby Molly while they were here. Abby and Lydia played with dolls and dress-up clothes and did girly things while my boys competed for her affection and her mom and I discussed which of my sons would make suitable matches for her daughters. The kids continue to pray nightly and thank God for their friends who are on the other side of the globe telling people about Jesus.

For my part, I'm praying for an international vacation that includes stops in Slovakia and South Asia sometime in the next three years.

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