Sunday, March 3, 2013

Go for launch

For her first rocket launch, things could not have gone more smoothly. Abby and her dad spent the morning assembling and decorating her rocket, and the family braved a dusting of snow as we counted down to lift off.
When her little orange rocket lifted off the launch pad, any disappointment that this one wasn't going to take her to the moon was quickly forgotten. The rocket she had built soared high into the air, just like the ones in the footage she's seen of the moon launches, as a huge smile erupted on her face. And when the parachute deployed and she bounded across the field to retrieve her rocket, she may as well have been captaining a ship on a booster rocket retrieval mission across the Atlantic.
We launched it once more before heading home, and this time she even let Caleb push the button when it was time to blast off. She's already looking forward to the construction and launch of her next rockets. Each one, she assumes, brings her just a few miles closer to an actual moon landing.

This may very well have been the greatest day of her life.

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