Friday, March 29, 2013

Fast forward

We watched some home movies with the kids the other day, and poor Jacob could not have been more confused by the videos of Caleb as a baby. Because baby Caleb bears a striking resemblance to baby Levi.

And by striking, I mean they may as well be twins. (Save for that extra five pounds Caleb was carrying around at this same age.)

They have the same blond hair and big blue eyes, the same chin, same forehead, and same cute little round face. In fact, the only difference between 9-month-old Levi and 9-month-old Caleb might be the fact that Levi's neck is visible. (Again, five extra pounds makes a big difference. Especially since Caleb was carrying all that extra weight in his cheeks.)

Some days, I'm really not sure I can handle all the cuteness.

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