Friday, March 8, 2013

A penny saved

It's officially the oldest thing he's every ingested, and also the most inappropriate. Until now, we haven't really found anything that Caleb didn't like to eat. But pennies, according to our resident expert, apparently taste like poop. (There's perhaps a reason for that, but we're getting there.) And after the moment of panic, the admission of guilt, and the trip to the emergency room, I don't think he'll be eating money again anytime soon.

If you've ever needed a compelling reason to remind your kids to wash their hands after handling money, here's one: the penny Caleb ate didn't stay in his intestines. In fact, it made a two day transit through his gastrointestinal system and landed in our upstairs potty. Retrieving it was one of the more exciting moments of Caleb's young life. I can't say the same is true for me.

After it was over, I sat down with Caleb and told him how glad I was that the penny fiasco had passed. "I love that you don't have money in your belly anymore," I said.

To which my wise son replied," Mommy, you cannot love both God and money." (Thank you, Sing the Word CD, for arming my son with appropriate scripture.)

I'm determined to save the thing and show it to him one day, when I need to illustrate one of those "you have no idea how much parents do for their children" stories.

But just in case it does happen to end up back in circulation, you should always wash your hands after you handle money.

Especially if it's a 1992 penny.

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