Thursday, January 10, 2013

Happy and you know it

I'm going to say it again: I have no idea where the time went.

If your days seem to be dragging by too slowly, you're more than welcome to borrow my kids sometimes. Having four little ones underfoot seems to speed things up considerably.

Levi celebrated his half birthday with our traditional family of fish half birthday cake. (He opted for a marble cake with green frosting and about 19 blue sprinkles, because that's all I could find in the pantry. He's pretty laid back like that.)

Perhaps because his own birthday was still fresh in his mind, Jacob was our most enthusiastic celebrant, singing his version of the birthday song ad nauseum, which included lulling his little brother to sleep later in the evening. (For the record, listening to my two-year-old sing "Appy dooby, Weevi" as he falls asleep now ranks among the top ten cutest things my kids do.)

For his part, Levi licked up every little crumb and piece of frosting that came his way. He's done great on his solid mushy foods (sweet potatoes, green beans, carrots, assorted fruits, split peas) but I have a feeling pureed vegetables are going to have trouble competing for favor on his palate after tonight.

At six months, Levi is still just as easy going as ever. He might be our best baby to date. Or maybe he just seems easier by comparison to the pack of wild animals running around him. But he's perfectly content doing whatever it is we do all day. Whether playing on the floor while his brothers build a train track around or over him, or smiling as he's jostled and rolled around while his sister attempts to swaddle him in one of her baby blankets, Levi's proving to have quite a patient and gentle spirit.

In spite of his often noisy (and sometimes smelly) sleeping arrangements with his big brother, Levi's proved to be a great napper and a tremendous nighttime sleeper, snoozing away 1.5 hours of his morning, three hours of his afternoon, and 12 hours overnight. This, despite the concert that is usually going on in the crib next to him, never ceases to amaze me. My youngest is going to make a great roommate one day.

When we're out and about, he's happy in his carseat, strapped to me in the Ergo, or bouncing along on my hip. He doesn't know a stranger and happily approves the hand-off in Sunday School or among friends.

Have I mentioned he's a good baby? He's a really good baby.

He's starting to bust out of his six-month clothes (Literally. There are holes in the toes of some of his footed pajamas. Oh the joys of being boy #3.) and is looking more and more like his big brother Caleb with each passing day. Caleb, I should point out, was carrying an extra five pounds at this same age, but I digress.

Levi's still not sitting up by himself, scooting, crawling or really making any purposeful movements whatsoever, except for those that bring toys and food and feet to his mouth. He did roll over a few times on accident, but I haven't seen him repeat it in a while. What he lacks in physical development he makes up for in personality, and quite honestly, it's easier taking care of a stationary baby than a mobile one, so I'm not rushing things. I have a feeling if it were safer to leave him alone to play on the floor or in his doorway jumper without fear of being trampled or swung violently from side to side, he might be getting a little more exercise and showing a little more progress.

He's a chatty little fellow, when he can get a word in, and his coos and grunts and babbles are an endless source of entertainment for the bigger kids, who seem determined to decipher his "baby talk" and explain to me what points Levi is trying to make. This can keep them occupied for entire grocery trips, so I'm happy to play along and let them pretend that Levi is having intelligent conversation in his own language.

Happy half birthday, Little One. We're so glad to have you here!

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