Friday, December 21, 2012

Wade in the water, children

I admit I've thought very little about it. But when it has crossed my mind, I've assumed that fish exist in rivers because fish are born in rivers.

I've been very wrong.

Solely for the benefit of my children, or perhaps for the enjoyment of fishermen like my hubby, it turns out that many of those fish are brought to rivers in very large trucks and dumped into the water at the hands of volunteers armed with five-gallon buckets.

And that is where half the family found themselves on this very chilly morning, helping stock the river with trout by running back and forth between a truck heavy laden with fish and the water's edge where they found their home.
Until they decided the water's edge wasn't quite far enough and waded in to get a little closer to the fish being released from all those buckets. Then it was back to the warmth of the car and home for some hot chocolate.

And they're already talking about doing it again in February.

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