Sunday, December 30, 2012

Smarty pants

The children's encyclopedia has a permanent home in Abby's room, and is typically her book of choice for bedtime and afternoon quiet time reading.

Three and a half hours a day spent reading the encyclopedia has made our daughter an expert on a myriad of topics, including how electrical currents work, weather patterns, planets and stars (her favorite subject), insect parts and development, pioneers and vikings, and, most recently, the makeup of the Kuiper belt in outer space. (This last one took me a while to figure out since she was mispronouncing it. But the hubby knew exactly what she meant when she asked, "Do you know there's a band of frozen rocks beyond Pluto called the 'kewper' belt?")

She read all the way to the end of her general encyclopedia and was a little disappointed.

"Mommy, did you know the end of this book is just a big list of words?" she asked me, showing me the index. I guess with all the build-up of interesting new information she'd found on every other page, she was expecting a more exciting conclusion.

We're working on deciding which reference book to buy her next. I'm leaning toward the Improve Your Grammar book, but her dad is pushing for the Illustrated Dictionary of Math.

Maybe we should just let our student pick.

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