Wednesday, December 19, 2012

He sees you when you're sleeping

With less than a week to go until Christmas, Abby asked the question on everyone's mind.

"Mommy, can we make a birthday cake for Jesus?"

Of course, we told her.

"And can we leave it out on Christmas Eve with some milk so He can have a piece when He comes to His birthday party?"

It occured to us at that moment that our kids know very little about this whole Santa thing. I'm confident that Abby understands Jesus is not Santa Claus and Santa Claus is not Jesus. But just to be sure, I asked.

"Abby, who is Jesus?"

"Jesus is God," she replied.

"And where is God?" I continued.

"God is everywhere!" yelled Caleb from across the table. (Did I mention we were in the middle of Mellow Mushroom having dinner? We were.)

"So if God is everywhere," I went on, "and Jesus is God, then if we have a birthday party for Jesus at our house, He'll be there!"

"So we can leave some cake and milk out for him?" Abby asked again.

Sure, I thought. Why not?

Bearded old guy in a sleigh has nothing on the cute little Savior in a manger around here.

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