Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Strong to the finish

It's time to beef this baby up a little.

Step One: Add breakfast to the menu.

I finally wised up and realized I can just throw the same inexpensive oatmeal we all eat into the blender and make my own oatmeal powder instead of buying those pricey oatmeal flakes my other babies ate. (And on that note, I totally wish we could have had baby #4 first. This parenting thing is so much easier now that we kind of know what we're doing.)

We prepared Levi's scoop of oatmeal and fed it to him on one of only three baby spoons we have left in our house. (I choose the purple one because it seemed better than using one of the pink ones. Thanks to whoever bought us the baby spoons for Abby's baby shower five years ago. We've gotten a lot of miles out of them.)

And the verdict? He loved it. No spitting, no blowing food everywhere, no shaking his head and pursing his lips. He gulped it down like a champ, and didn't even make enough of a mess to get a good photo.

If things continue to go this well with solid foods, I expect some jowls and chunky thighs in Levi's future.

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