Thursday, November 22, 2012

Smells like food

Our annual family Thanksgiving fête proved just as fantastic as ever. The food was good, the company was better, and I will continue to express my deep, deep gratitude to Nana and Granddaddy for hosting all the in-laws and outlaws in one place and sparing our van load of munchkins the hassle of the multi-family Thanksgiving day drive-around.

Caleb scored the turkey leg for what seems like the third year in a row. He'd better enjoy it while it lasts. His uncles and granddads are a lot more generous with the sharing of the turkey legs than his two brothers are going to be in years to come, I'm sure. And I'm not asking Nana to buy an extra turkey just so each of her grandsons can have a leg.

It was a year ago at this same gathering that we announced our great expectation. And this year, Levi was happily passed from lap to lap while grandparents oohed and aahed over his adorableness.

Abby did what Abby does whenever something's cooking, which is to wander around the kitchen declaring, "What's that smell? It smells like food!"

And Jacob, threatening to melt down in the midst of a rapidly approaching naptime and the smells of good food not yet on the table, landed himself a private pre-dinner meal with Papa, along with the world's greatest sippy cup.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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