Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Old friends make the best friends

November 2012
Jacob (2), Abby Mae (5), Abby Jean (5), Levi (4 mo), Sam (3), Caleb (3)
Special thanks to Sam and Abby Mae's Nana and Pop for hosting the circus this week. We packed up the kids and took a road trip to Alabama the Beautiful to visit our old friends while they were in town for Thanksgiving. 
February 2011
Caleb (2), Abby Mae (3), Jacob (3 mo), Abby Jean (3), Sam (2)
We made the kids pose for a picture, which reminded me of when we made them do the same thing almost two years ago. It's still nearly impossible to get a picture of this many kids ages 5 and under. That doesn't mean we'll ever stop trying. I'm hoping we'll be meeting up for group shots like these for many years to come.

The young friends didn't miss a beat. They spent the day crafting, throwing rocks in a pond, running around in the yard, playing dolls and blocks and board games, roasting marshmallows, and generally goofing off. You'd never know they hadn't seen each other in nine months. They picked up right where they left off.
The girls enjoyed being "the Abbys" again, and as they ran hand in hand back to the car after tossing a large number of rocks into the water, I was reminded that it was not that long ago when they were not quite 2 and we thought they were so big heading off to mother's morning out.
June 2009
When it was time to go, there was little sadness. These kids don't really have a concept of "it'll be a while before we see them again" or "they live a long way away." They're just excited that we will see each other again. 

And so am I. Even if it does take us a long time to get home.

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