Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Lesson one

This is my favorite room in our house. Not because it has a brick floor that shows no dirt and is super easy to clean when I get around to it. And not because it has the comfiest chair, either. This particular room is my favorite because it features the marshmallow oven. (I believe some families refer to it as a fireplace.)

So we put my favorite room to its intended use, and educated the kids on the fine art of toasting the perfect marshmallow. (Because without the perfect marshmallow, it is impossible to make the perfect s'more. And that lesson is coming up soon.) 
Caleb exhibited the most patience, eager to learn how to master this necessary life skill without catching his marshmallow on fire. (He also wins the award for most eager to get as close to the flames as possible.)
Abby mostly stood around being cute, supervising as I toasted her marshmallows for her and panicking if they didn't turn out just right.
And Jacob wisely sat on the couch, away from the siblings waving coat hangers with flaming balls of sugar on the end of them, and waited for us to hand over perfectly browned marshmallows for his consumption.

A fun time was had by all.

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