Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Mister Congeniality

Levi's put one-quarter of his first year of life behind him, and judging from his very pleasant demeanor, I'd say it's been a good three months for him.

He finally hit the official Family of Fish sleep goal of 12 hours a night, and rounded out his sleep awesomeness by settling in to a great thrice-daily naptime routine. His 1.5 hour morning nap coincides perfectly with the start of our school day, his 2.5 hour afternoon nap overlaps with that of his older siblings, and his evening siesta usually hits just after dinner. This schedule alone could earn him best baby status in my book, but pair it with his great eating habits (a predictable five meals a day) and his generally happy disposition, and I'd say he clinched the title, easy.

He's still just as easy going as we thought he was from the beginning. And the novelty of his new-babyness has not worn off yet. Abby adores him, and loves to tell him about the world and what's going on around him. (And when she tires of explaining the world, she moves on to the solar system. Levi will know all the planets by the time he can talk.) The amount of time she's invested in talking and singing to him pays off big time, as hers is the voice that typically elicits the biggest grins from her littlest brother.

Jacob is completely obsessed with the little guy, and has to be watched very, very carefully to ensure that his exuberance for his "baby Wuhvi" doesn't end in injury. He shares his blanket with Levi, rocks him in his swing, and makes sure the toys hanging from his little jungle stay in a state of perpetual motion. I can see these two becoming great friends one day.

Justin and I are learning more about his little personality every day. He loves to be held, and he loves to be around people. Unless he's tired, in which case he only wants to be put down and left alone. In this regard, he is just like his big sister. And perhaps because he likes looking around, or perhaps because he likes his personal space, Levi is turning out to be an anti-snuggler like Abby, as well. He's a challenge to hold, as all he does is arch his back and lean his head as far as possible from the the person doing the holding. There will be no sweet pictures of little Levi with his head resting gently on my shoulder. He's just not into that.

Only Caleb seems to be ambivalent toward the newest member of our family. He loves Levi, and insists on giving him hugs and kisses, but he doesn't need to hold him all the time, like Abby, and he doesn't miss him when he's out of the room, like Jacob. But something tells me it's totally normal for a three-year-old boy to be more interested in his trucks than in the adorable coos of a baby.

Hopefully our next big milestone will be moving Levi into his own room. He's not complaining about being camped out in my closet, but it would be nice to put my clothes away one of these days. Unfortunately, Levi moving into a room of his own is contingent on Jacob and Caleb moving into a room together. And the thought of that still makes me shudder. Maybe Levi won't mind hanging out in my closet for a few more years.

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