Monday, September 24, 2012

Pleasure reading

 Her language arts reading books are boring for both of us. Honestly, I think if I have to hear one more story about Pat the Fat Rat, I will scream. And I'm pretty sure Abby feels the same about having to read them to me.

So instead, I let her host family story time. She picks the book, and we all attempt to sit around and listen to her read. Caleb and Jacob usually build something in the background or pester one another while the story unfolds, and I peek over her shoulder to make sure she's pronouncing things properly while trying to keep Jacob from stepping on the baby. Levi is a pretty captive audience, only because he can't roll away yet, and the fact that he smiles whenever he hears Abby's voice is  a pretty big encouragement to our budding reader.

When she's done, if Caleb's been a good listener she'll let him pick out a book for her to read to him. (Abby gets to make the call, and I'm pretty sure this is determined solely based on how many times he didn't interrupt her.)

They've started on Little House in the Big Woods, and when she finishes it, we'll celebrate the completion of her first chapter book that she read all by herself. 

That beats Pat the Rat any day.

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  1. Wait, is this Pat the Rat from the I Can Read It Sonlight books? Those were so WEIRD! And yet, nice for controlled vocab - not too many sight words, great for early readers - MG is working through them now. But if Abby is reading Little House and Frog and Toad books, I think those are probably way too low level for her - have you looked at the 2nd grade SL reader list? We skipped the beginner bible - it freaked Shannon out - but the others on there were excellent. :)