Friday, September 28, 2012

New technology

We borrowed an iPad to see if perhaps it could be of some benefit to our family. (I know, I know. We're a little behind on this fad. Luddites, remember?) I had big dreams of downloading lots of cool educational apps and adding a new level of technology to our homeschooling.

Instead, my kids have figured out how to turn the thing on and fire up a game of Angry Birds by themselves. They even take turns with the touch screen, cheering each other on as they heave birds high into the air. It's cute, but this is not the quite the educational use I had in mind.

When I made them put it away, they retreated to their rooms. Moments later I heard crashing and cacophonous laughter coming from Caleb's room. Turns out, if they can't play Angry Birds, they'll be angry birds. They had constructed their very own tower of books and stuffed animals, and were taking turns heaving their own bodies at it and laughing hysterically when it all came tumbling down.

I gave them my "What in the world are you doing?" look.

"We're angry Mommy! We're angry birds!" Caleb explained.

"We're going to explode all these animals!" added Abby.

I turned to leave while my two furious fowl commenced reconstructing their tower of books and animals.

Maybe the iPad can be educational for us after all. This totally counts as P.E.

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