Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Get it in writing

I finally figured out what we're doing for preschool this year.

Besides helping Caleb perfect his signature and learn to write his lower case letters, we're not doing much. He's learning so much alongside Abby as we work on her science and history and math that I'm finding there's really not much need to spend the time on preschool that I did before. Which is great, because most of us would rather be playing outside or building with blocks anyway.

Abby, meanwhile, would be happy if we did math all day long I think. We're into our third week of school and already on day 18 of our kindergarten math curriculum. Addition and subtraction are sneaking up on us soon, and I'm going to have to slow it down when we get there, but for now Abby is insisting on way more math than I would like to do in a day.
Even when I insist she take a break, she finds a way to keep working on the most recent math concept she's learned. When I took her school work away and told her she could have some free time, she pulled out all the crayons. Great, I thought, assuming she was going to color for a while and give her brain a rest.

When I came back to check on her a while later, she was busy counting and recounting 100 crayons by fives. This again, is proof she is her father's daughter. Maybe I should just give up and let him teach her calculus like he wants to.

I suspect this tendency to overdo math might have a little to do with the fact that she really doesn't love language arts. And the more time we spend on math, the less time we have left for copywork and spelling. This is fine with me. She's doing great with first grade language arts, and as far as I'm concerned, she has until the end of her first grade year to finish it. And that's 20 months away.

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  1. I have a feeling Kennedy and Abby might be kindred spirits when it comes to math vs. LA. Kennedy has no desire to learn her letters (no matter how fun I try to make it), but numbers? Counting? Orderings things into groups by number? These are amazing.

    I'll send Jason over and they can tag team teaching Abby calc and statistics. We'll go get coffee.