Monday, September 10, 2012

62 days and counting

I must be doing something right. He's starting to outgrow this basket.

At two months, Levi is a lot longer and a lot heavier than he was at birth. How much longer and heavier is a mystery, and solving it would depend on me being able to find the paperwork from his doctor's appointment. But alas, while I have become pretty adept at managing four young children over the past few weeks, my housekeeping skills are suffering tremendously. I have no idea where anything is, except the children. And even then, sometimes it takes me a while to find one of them when they get too quiet.

But I wouldn't trade it for anything, and I can say that joyfully now that Levi is sleeping through the night. (Someone must have told him he's a BabyWise baby. My kids sleep through the night early, and I'm pleased to be able to keep up my reputation with baby #4.) We're enjoying a blissful 11 hours of sleep a night from our littlest guy, and are ever so slowly easing him toward my 12 hour goal. We talked about putting him through baby boot camp when he hit the ten-pound mark, and he must have overheard us, because that was the night he choose to sleep until breakfast. And he's been a champ about it ever since.

He was starting to burst at the seams again, so we retired the size ones and ordered a box of size 2 diapers. This apparently was his cue to start hitting some milestones, so he added cooing, smiling and laughing to repertoire this week. All my boys have looked like little old men as babies (cute little old men, but little old men just the same). Levi, I'm proud to say, looks particularly little-old-mannish when he grins. And if his cuteness wasn't so distracting, I might be able to get a picture of that little smile.

Maybe before he turns one. I can't believe that's only 10 months away.

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