Thursday, August 30, 2012

One fish, two fish

I walked in on Caleb trying to teach his brother some words and colors using some flash cards he found.

"Jacob, learn these colors!" he demanded. "This is a blue fish. Say 'blue fish.'"

Silence. Caleb kept trying.

"Jacob, say 'blue.' I'm the teacher, and I'm telling you to say 'blue,' so say it!"

This time Jacob responded. "Boo!" he shouted enthusiastically.

"No," Caleb replied, "not 'boo.' Say 'blue." (Which, I should point out, Caleb actually pronounces bwoo.)

"Mommy," Caleb yelled. "Jacob's not saying it right!"

I really hope I'm not this hard on them. Maybe we need fewer lessons on colors and shapes and a couple more lessons on grace.

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